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All About Me

Charity is a passionate, working-class American, inspired to preserve the values that have allowed for our prosperity since the country’s inception. As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, she is fighting for her home! 

Raised in Madison, Charity was imparted with traditional Conservative values, a strong work ethic, and love for her community. She has spent countless hours in a variety of volunteer roles and has enjoyed sharing the challenges and success of her family’s small business. In 2020, she was practicing under an experienced music engraver with the goal of launching her own business in the trade, when the Covid lockdowns began to hit home. Her business and family were affected, and Charity saw her friends and neighbors hurting from the effects of poor government leadership. 

She made the decision to get involved. Watching Mark Pocan fuel the flames as State Street burned and be a consistent vote for the most detrimental and extreme policy made her realize that someone needed to step up to end his term as a virtue-signaling career politician in DC. Following her own campaign, she took the lessons she had learned and relationships she had made and immediately poured herself into her work as Senator Ron Johnson’s new District Grassroots Director, proud and honored to be a part of his victory in 2022. 

Since that election, she has remained involved in her local politics: volunteering for the county and district parties; helping as the 1st Vice President of the Republican Women of Dane County; working for the Republican Party of Wisconsin during the Supreme Court race; expanding her knowledge base through the Leadership Institute’s Campaign Leadership College where she and her team graduated first place; and holding the position of Director of Constituent Services for the Republican Party of Dane County.

As she has remained intricately involved in the grassroots efforts of Republicans and organizations across the district, Charity has come to realize that the best way that she can continue fighting for the people is by culminating her knowledge, relationships, and experience into a campaign for Congress with a focus on everyday issues felt by the people of the 2nd Congressional District. Bringing a message of hope to every constituent, the truth about where we are and what we can do going forward, and the drive to find and implement solutions, Charity is the best candidate in the race to be our next representative in Congress.

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