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All About Me

Charity is a young and passionate patriot who is inspired to preserve the fundamentals of the Constitution that have allowed for American prosperity since the country’s
inception. As a lifelong resident of Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, she is fighting for her home! Though raised in Madison, Charity was imparted with traditional Conservative and American values since birth.


She quickly learned how to work hard and has enjoyed sharing in the challenges and success of her family’s business. Because Charity is always seeking new opportunities, she recently practiced under an experienced music engraver. She enjoyed the trade so much that she now intends to start her own music engraving business sometime in the future.

Charity’s devotion to people and the love she has for her community led her continuously down the path of service and virtue. Her respect for life and all of God’s creations inspired her to, among other things, fund-raise for a local pro-life organization, lead children’s ministries and care for the elderly within the community, and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.


Her passion for meeting the needs of others lured Charity to her first congressional run. Pairing Charity’s lifelong experience working within her community with the love she has for America and its history, she will offer a fresh and traditional perspective in Washington. Drawn from her passion for personal freedom and the constitution, the focuses of Charity's campaign will more accurately represent middle Americans from both rural and urban communities. She believes in the preservation of liberty for all Americans as well as their rights to live free and safe from government tyranny.


Charity is unapologetically pro-life and stands up for the 2nd amendment. After questionable results of the 2020 presidential election, she also plans to introduce legislation to eliminate voter fraud and reclaim the confidence and security in the election system that all Americans deserve.


Charity also has a passion for improving the education system and will fight to bring the power of the public-school systems closer to home by limiting the reach of the Department of Education.


Charity is determined to do whatever it takes to reclaim American values in the Second Congressional District. By running a campaign that is both stronger and more voter-focused than any other Republican candidate from this district, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to a Conservative victory right here at home!

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