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Where I Stand

Service and Solutions:

Across the district, regardless of party affiliation, many voters share their most important priorities are having leaders that listen, earn their trust, and fight for real solutions rather than virtue-signaling narratives.


My goal as your next representative in Congress is to serve you! I will not waiver from protecting your freedoms while fighting for solutions to everyday problems. Let’s work together to turn things around in our district, state, and nation! I look forward to hearing from you on the issues that matters to you most.


Border Security and Immigration

Our nation has many roots in immigration, but what we are seeing now is millions from around the globe coming across our borders with no proper vetting. It is a danger to our communities and unfair to those who want to come here legally. Congress needs to act now to:


The current education system is failing our kids. Proficiency rates are down to abysmal levels. Parents are outraged by the prioritization of non-academic content in the classroom. Employers are struggling to find workers ready to enter the workforce, even after college. When I get to Congress, I will:

Parked School Buses


Our national debt and lack of financial security harm our citizens and make us vulnerable at home and abroad. Irresponsibility by those that control our government’s purse strings, the US House, is leading us down a road that will cripple our nation for generations to come. It is time that we take back the reigns and:

Army Uniforms


The men and women that have risked their lives for us have been used by many politicians as “election pawns”, to quote several veterans from the 2nd district. Instead of just election season talk about the struggles that plague them 24 hours a day, I will work year-round to:

Army Uniforms
In the suburbs

Crime Reach

There is no denying that the increase of crime across our country is alarming. Crime in our cities is growing at an unprecedented rate, but the spreading reach of the crime is concerning many that live in rural areas, as well. People are no longer as safe, even in their small towns or on the farm, as they used to be. From Congress, I can:

Stop international criminals from harming American lives by implementing secure immigration policy that deters criminal behavior and keeps known terrorists off American soil.

Protect the rights of every citizen to protect themselves, their families, and their property from harm while considering fact-based security solutions for government buildings. (Did you know that locks on classroom doors could have saved dozens of lives during school shootings, but universal background checks wouldn’t have stopped a single one?)

Ensure that the federal justice system is setting the example of our American values: equal treatment under the law; support of our law enforcement; apolitical, single-tiered justice; and the principle of innocence until proven guilty.

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